Skye Niseko Time-lapse Project

Jun 14th, 2016

I was approached by Skye Niseko  earlier in the year about documenting the two and a half year construction phase of their new building in Niseko Hirafu. Producing a time-lapse movie was the obvious choice but there were a few issues to resolve such as finding a good location to shoot from, weather proof housing for the camera set up, power supply and a few other issues. Due to the nature of the job rather than opting for a DIY solution purchased a tried and true set up from Harbortronics . Without going into all longwinded details I am shooting 30 frames a day starting at 8:00am so one day is equal to one second in the video. The good news is the set up is running perfectly and the results speak for themselves!


A sweet fringe benefit of the set up is being able to drop two images over each other and slide between them in perfect alignment. It is amazing to see the difference around the site in only a month. Looking forward to sharing the progress over the next few years.


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