Niseko Panorama

Feb 10th, 2016

After a slow start to the season since the last week or so of December the snow has been incredible. I have been pretty busy working on a bunch of different projects from architectural shoots, real estate shoots, portraits, snow sports action, printing and…..aerial photography and video. Earlier in the week on Monday the 8th we were blessed with exceptional weather. There was heavy snowfall from previous day right up to just before dawn and then the clouds magically disappeared. All i wanted to do was go skiing but alas, duty called and i had to shoot a back log of sunny architectural shots my customers have been waiting for. One job took me to outer Niseko town where i was able to capture this 8 shot panorama taken with a DJI X5 camera. The image quality is superb and i can’t wait to make a print – the native resolution slightly cropped in is 12469 x 3245px at 300 dpi which will easily print 2 meters wide by 60cm!

From left to right the whole Niseko range! Raiden, Mekkunai-dake, Shakunage, Chisenupuri, Nitonupuri, Iwaonupuri, Annupuri, Yoichi-dake, Yotei, Shiribetsu-dake.

Niseko Panorama, 8 February 2016

Niseko Panorama, 8 February 2016


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